Successful Defense of Ride the Ducks of Seattle

After eight months of trial, attorneys Patricia K. Buchanan and D. Jack Guthrie represented Ride the Ducks of Seattle, LLC (RTDS) and its owner and CEO in his personal capacity after the accident that occurred on the Aurora Bridge on September 24, 2015. The collision involved an RTDS amphibious tour vehicle, a motor coach, and two SUVs and resulted in over 80 injuries and 5 fatalities. Patterson Buchanan lawyers began defending RTDS within hours of the accident. Over the course of three and a half years of litigation and trial, Patterson Buchanan managed the RTDS responses to inquiries by Washington State regulators, Federal NTSB investigators, local law enforcement, and three independent coalitions of plaintiff groups. Its own defense investigation involved over 100 depositions on three separate continents, preparation of over 40 defense experts, and dozens of discovery motions.

Patterson Buchanan represented RTDS in three separate trials. They secured a directed verdict dismissing RTDS’s CEO in his personal capacity and secured verdicts consistently finding Ride the Ducks International, LLC, the amphibious vehicle manufacturer, and not RTDS primarily at fault for the accident. Most importantly, Patterson Buchanan was able to largely insulate RTDS from the demands of litigation so that it could continue safely operating while the accident litigation ran its course.